Support and maintenance agreement

Keeping your Hexagon software up to date – more easily than ever before!

Advantages of a support and maintenance agreement (SMA)

Hexagon SMA for optimal system performance and expert support

To protect people and valuable assets, you trust physical security systems to operate reliably at all times. If these systems stop working, it can cause major business disruptions and significant costs.

An essential factor in ensuring reliability is an SMA. Whether protecting against cyberattacks, keeping up with other changes in the complex environment of modern physical security systems or continuously preparing software for the unexpected, our developers are always working to make your solutions more resilient and secure.

Hexagon also continuously enhances the features and functionality of its award-winning portfolio of video management software (VMS) and incident management solutions. Our SMA allows you to effectively protect your investments, with the assurance that you have the most up-to-date software solutions available, along with world-class help desk technical support.

With Hexagon’s SMA, you’ll receive these great benefits:

  • Updates that provide software enhancements, fix bugs, improve operation of system hardware, add support for new camera models and compatibility to new versions of operating systems and enhance cybersecurity
  • Upgrades that provide major software improvements and introduce new features for easier installation and operation, better performance and stronger security
  • Help desk support at the highest technical level at your side if you do run into trouble – from answering questions about installation to logging in remotely when a change has gone wrong or some component is not conforming to specifications.

Run your system at optimal performance and get lasting peace of mind knowing you are safeguarding your facility and the people in it with Hexagon’s SMA.



Camera support

Always get support for the latest cameras and devices


OS support

New operating systems and service packs are supported


IT hardware support

Support for latest server, workstation and CPU generations


New features

New releases contain new features and functionalities


Easy deployment

Updates can be obtained automatically using the Auto Updater


Investment protection

Your video system stays up to date and future-proof

More details?

Looking for more detailed information? Take a look at our SMA flyer.


SMA Policy

Learn more about our SMA support in the Hexagon SMA Policy.