Keep track of your video security systems at any time

In recent years, video surveillance projects have become larger and more complex, demanding more resources and increasing operational costs. Modifying the configuration of multiple sites is time consuming and monitoring the health status of all servers and cameras across every location is a challenge. As a consequence, organizations frequently overspend on technical expertise and unnecessary licenses, as well as potentially expose themselves to regulatory risks.

Umbrella enables the configuration, management and monitoring of all connected Qognify VMS systems across multiple sites. This innovative platform uses state-of-the-art web technology and can be hosted in the cloud as well as on-premises. Umbrella provides a consolidated view of all entities (servers, cameras) across all connected installations, highlighting those that require attention. And, changes in configuration can be made centrally and rolled out to several or all connected installations.

Umbrella key benefits

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    Manage like a pro

    Being in the know about the current status of each and every video system is key if your organization places a premium on physical security.

    Umbrella provides you with a consolidated view on all servers, cameras and licenses at any time from anywhere in the world – to avoid a video system outage that could impair your business operations. It allows you to apply configuration changes within the glimpse of an eye – for thousands of installations.

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    Scale to success

    Video systems are getting bigger and more complex – and this requires new strategies to deal with increasing management and monitoring requirements.

    Umbrella can be connected to tens of thousands of independent VMS installations with an unlimited number of cameras attached. New sites can be added at any time on the fly.

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    Go live in minutes

    Especially in large, distributed physical security environments, system implementation times play a decisive role.

    Based on state-of-the-art web technology, Umbrella can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises. Once set up, adding a new installation or site to Umbrella takes only minutes – then you can benefit from advanced transparency and simplified management and configuration.


More details?

Looking for more detailed information? Take a look at our Umbrella for Qognify VMS flyer.


Umbrella MT

Umbrella MT is the ideal solution for physical security system integrators that want to offer their customers additional services to increase value creation.

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Central administration

The Umbrella Configuration Module enables you to perform recurring administrative tasks for all connected, independent Qognify VMS systems quickly and easily.

System monitoring

The Umbrella Monitoring Module provides fast and clear information about the status of the connected Qognify VMS systems and their service instances, as well as camera statuses.

License management

The Umbrella License Management Module lets you update the licenses of all connected Qognify VMS systems centrally.