Ensuring safe learning environments

Families send their children to school or college with the expectation of a safe and secure environment. It’s an important consideration when selecting the right campus – as it should be.

Especially in recent years, K-12 and higher education institutions have been facing increasingly more dangerous threats. As a consequence, they have invested heavily in various security technologies. This is where Hexagon comes into play.

The Hexagon solution for educational facilities takes the specific requirements of schools and universities into account, offering a powerful physical security platform designed for detecting events in real time and resolving incidents efficiently.

Thanks to our sector-specific approach, the value of your cameras and sensors is maximized, using intelligent video analytics and advanced situational awareness. Numerous installations with Hexagon technology around the world protect schools and campuses, ensuring the security of students.



Safeguard students

by maintaining a secure environment so students can focus on their studies

Respond to incidents

in real time thanks to advanced situational awareness and visualization capabilities

Prevent vandalism

because security cameras serve as a visual deterrent to crime and vandalism

Keep in view

what's happening on the campus – anytime, anywhere and on-the-go

Clarify incidents

of theft or violence using enhanced research and analytics functionalities

Use cases

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    Holistic security approach

    Educational facilities face a multitude of challenges to safeguard numerous teaching and research facilities, dorms and campus parking lots. Hexagon unifies video surveillance, access control, video analytics and license plate recognition in one intuitive solution that actively supports security personnel and keeps institutions safe.

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    Increased situational awareness

    To resolve an emerging incident as quickly as possible is no trivial task, especially as educational institutions are getting bigger and their processes more complex. The Hexagon solution delivers an all-encompassing view that provides security personnel with the relevant information they need to respond to any situation quickly and effectively.

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    On-the-go coverage

    To not lose valuable time, campus security needs access to information while on patrol. Hexagon solutions deliver real-time, full-motion video directly to mobile devices, allowing security to assess situations on the way and react faster.

Hexagon solutions for educational facilities


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