Safeguarding daily life

Critical infrastructure plays a key role all over the world. Facility and service outages can have major impacts on daily life. This makes it crucial to protect them against a wide spectrum of potential threats, such as theft, vandalism, sabotage or terrorist attacks. On top of that, operators of critical infrastructure must adhere to the latest regulatory requirements.

Most likely, your organization has heavily invested in a range of security systems and sensors that are delivering huge amounts of siloed data. Managing it all is beyond complex.

That’s where Hexagon solutions for critical infrastructure come into play. They are designed to protect sites such as power and water plants, oil refineries and other facilities from potential threats, provide a holistic view at any time and guide operators through the process of resolving incidents efficiently.



Optimized security

thanks to a holistic approach including video, situational awareness and incident management

Situational awareness

combining and visualizing information from many sensors and systems for faster response

Advanced resiliency

of systems to avoid outages and business disruptions

Better communication

based on clearly structured information flows – to those who need it when they need it

Efficient operations

thanks to active operator guidance through the incident resolution process

Use cases

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    Perimeter protection

    Protection against unauthorized access is one of the key challenges in critical infrastructure facilities. Hexagon solutions secure buildings and perimeters, combining intelligent video analytics with information from various sensors and creating real-time situational awareness.

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    Incident management

    In a business disruption in critical infrastructure, millions of people may be affected. For this reason, incidents have to be resolved quickly, avoiding further escalations and keeping the impact as minimal as possible. Hexagon software correlates information from multiple systems in real time and guides operators through the resolution process.

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    Health and safety

    Maintaining the health and safety of personnel and ensuring facilities meet all applicable security standards is not an easy task. Hexagon solutions can be used to monitor adherence to company policies and regulations, evaluating and mitigating risks in real time.

Hexagon solutions for critical infrastructure


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