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Organizations that place a premium on physical security and work with live video on a daily basis need a reliable and flexible tool that doesn’t miss a single detail. Whether the operator in the control room or the security guard on-premises – video allows users to recognize critical events early and assess situations more quickly.

Ocularis helps business owners, facility managers and security professionals all over the world sleep better at night. The three models of Ocularis are designed to handle all types of security demands. Regardless of the scale of your operation, all Ocularis platforms provide the kind of surveillance intelligence that has proven crucial in real-world situations.

Ocularis key benefits

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    Intuitive UI

    In a critical event, it is important to understand what’s happening quickly.

    Ocularis’ intuitive UI allows operators to assess a situation in seconds, even without extensive training. In addition, advanced image visualization capabilities make sure you don’t miss any details.

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    Flexible access

    Especially for tactical use and real-time operations, constant and flexible access to a video system plays a decisive role.

    In addition to a powerful Windows-based native client with outstanding visualization performance, Ocularis provides a high-end web client and best-in-class mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

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    Mix and match approach

    Many organizations overspend on their VMS licenses because their deployed products do not allow different functional levels within one video system. This issue escalates as video projects become bigger.

    With the mix-and-match approach, Ocularis allows the combination of different license types within one video system environment. In addition, it enables a simultaneous approach to different systems from one client to keep everything in a single view.


Supported devices

Ocularis supports thousands of devices from a large number of manufacturers.


Hardware calculator

Determine the capacity and sizing of the servers for your Ocularis project.



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Recorder licensing

License for the first time or move your Ocularis Recorder License to a new machine.


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Mobile Client

The Mobile Client turns a smartphone or tablet into a versatile security tool. The app offers an easy and comfortable way to access an Ocularis VMS installations on the go.

Ocularis from Seneca

Learn more about our partnership with Seneca for optimized Ocularis hardware. Together we are making your ordering and installation process faster and easier.

Product packages


Product Package Professional

Scalable video management for small to medium single- and multisite applications


Product Package Enterprise

Surveillance video management for centrally managed mid- to large-scale installations


Product Package Ultimate

Ultimate video management for large and demanding environments


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