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Critical incidents have the potential to significantly impair an organization’s business processes – whether a severe one brings all operations to an immediate standstill or many small ones require significant efforts and costs due to sheer frequency. Especially in highly regulated environments, any incident needs to be processed in a standardized, traceable way to avoid a breach of rules, which may result in significant penalties – again and again. Also, severe incidents have to be mitigated quickly to avoid media attention.

Situator is the leading PSIM and incident management solution and integrates and correlates information from multiple and diverse systems across the enterprise in real time. At the same time, it coordinates the most effective responses, ensuring that everyone in the operational chain knows what is happening, where it’s happening and how to respond. Situator provides the tools necessary to address every aspect of the control room management lifecycle.

Situator key benefits

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    Situational awareness

    When an incident occurs, it is key to have a solid informational basis to assess its severity and decide next steps.

    Situator collects, integrates and correlates data from a large number of sensors and third-party applications, generating a consolidated view of an incident to facilitate decisions. It also visualizes details in an intuitive multi-Iayered geographic information system (GIS)-based display.

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    Automated workflows

    Incident handling quality is defined by effectiveness and efficiency. To achieve this, it is important to guide the operator to take the right steps in a coordinated manner.

    Using the advanced Situator planning and workflow tools, you can develop even the most complex response workflows for routine and emergency situations. If tasks and notifications are not handled properly, escalation policies ensure that they are either dynamically or manually reassigned to alternate people or other resources.

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    Enhanced compliance

    Many organizations operate in strictly regulated environments such as critical infrastructure. For them, non-compliance is not only costly, but it can also significantly increase risk.

    Through automated workflows and reporting, Situator ensures that policies and procedures are followed uniformly. Moreover, Situator provides the ability to monitor compliance trends via trend analysis, helping organizations sustain compliance over time.


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The Mobile Client turns a smartphone or tablet into a versatile security and incident management tool. The app offers an easy and comfortable way to access a Situator installation on the go, resolve incidents remotely and works as a remote extension of your control center.


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