Access your Hexagon physical security systems from anywhere

The Mobile Client is an easy and comfortable way to access Situator, Ocularis or Qognify VMS on the go using a smartphone or tablet.

Whether using a Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection, the application gives users instantaneous access to their video installation or incident management applications. The app can be used to view live camera footage or scroll through and play back archived video data. If you are connected to an Ocularis system, it will even allow for the export of video in AVI-format to share footage on the move.

Other functionalities include the ability to trigger events and receive alarms directly on a mobile device.

And if you connect a Situator installation you can even go through your digital workflow for resolving an incident while being away from the control center.

For new and existing users, it’s a free download for both Android and Apple devices.

Mobile Client benefits

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    Ceaseless security - even on the go

    View and play back live and archive video footage, react to alarms and resolve an incident directly from your smartphone or tablet.

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    Access even distributed surveillance sites

    Centrally access all video feeds even in large, multisite installations. Even mixed software infrastructures using both Situator and one of our VMS systems can be integrated in the Mobile Client.

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    Export and stream video from mobile

    Ocularis only: export video in AVI-format or share footage captured with a mobile device to be viewed in Ocularis in the control room.


Download it from the Google Play Store


Download it from the iOS App Store