It’s more than cameras at the corners of your building

Large companies and organizations place a premium on physical security strategies, especially in times of globally increasing levels of uncertainty.

It’s not just about viewing and recording video streams. It’s about delivering actionable outcomes that help assess current security situations and respond quickly to any type of event. Any security breach could have severe consequences – from an impact to the bottom line to being on tomorrow’s national news.

No matter if these organizations are part of a highly regulated industry or if they have to manage a global network of branches with many connected subsystems – most of them are dealing with complex and demanding environments, which requires a high level of expertise.

To enable customers to provide the maximum level of security and handle events quickly and effectively, Hexagon offers a wide spectrum of video-centric physical security solutions, targeting the needs of large organizations in regulated and demanding environments.

Elements of physical security


Video surveillance

Always keeping what’s happening within view – in real time or recorded

Situational awareness

Creating an overview of the current situation to facilitate immediate action

Actionable intelligence

Extracting relevant information from a massive amount of video data


Benefiting from events and information in third-party systems

Workflow support

Supporting operators responding to relevant events


Real-time notifications of critical events enable quick and targeted responses

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