Creating a uniform security and operations platform

Security for financial institutions is complex. Not only are they appealing targets for criminal activities, but they’re also challenging environments when it comes to security. Strict regulations, diverse and distributed systems and a range of location types – e.g., branches, ATMs, operations centers, corporate offices – are just some of the factors to be addressed.

Hexagon solutions for financial institutions are designed to meet these unique requirements. Ideal for distributed environments, with both centralized and local control, these solutions improve security by eliminating and managing threats.

Moreover, Hexagon can help improve operations, providing the software tools to streamline and automate processes for compliance activities.



Optimized security

thanks to a holistic approach including video, situational awareness and incident management

Customer satisfaction

as a result of an enhanced security and optimized operations

Efficient management

and monitoring of branch networks, saving costs and efforts

Process transparency

thanks to the integration of video technology and transaction data


with regulations and standards because of standardized processes and clear documentation

Use cases

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    ATM fraud prevention

    ATM fraud is one of the biggest problems banks face. Hexagon software can link the data of every transaction with corresponding video footage, making it easier to search for a particular incident. Additionally, when malicious activity is detected, an immediate alert can be sent out.

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    Management of branch networks

    Retail banks often operate video systems across large branch networks that are expensive to maintain and operate. Hexagon provides a web-based platform to configure, monitor and manage a large number of remote sites centrally.

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    Building security

    Facing complex security requirements and strict regulations, financial institutions rely on video technology as a proven and discreet security measure. Hexagon offers a comprehensive, enterprise-class video management software solution in combination with advanced analytics to provide surveillance coverage and control for these security conscious environments.

Hexagon solutions for financial institutions


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