From a thousand cuts to a severe crisis

Organizations, especially large ones, must deal with incidents on a daily basis. The spectrum is wide – ranging from incidents that happen several times a day with little impact, to rare critical events that can trigger a crisis.

Incidents can influence both security and business operations. Especially in highly regulated environments with pre-defined processes – e.g., airports or railroad networks – an incident typically means a potential disruption of operations, which may cause a cascade of interruptions and delays, resulting in additional costs and efforts.

If not immediately managed correctly, even small, non-critical incidents may escalate and turn into severe issues. At worst, an incident may be on tomorrow’s national news, damaging an organization’s reputation.

To help organizations manage and resolve incidents properly and minimize their impact on security and operations, Hexagon developed Situator – an incident management system that targets the needs of large organizations in regulated environments.

Elements of incident management



Real-time notifications and structured intake of an incident

Situational awareness

By gathering information from different sources to assess type and severity


Guiding the operator step by step through the process of resolving an incident


Clear and structured communication between all involved stakeholders and organizations


To retrace and understand all steps that have been taken


To measure the solution performance and improve processes

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