Rethinking video solutions for retail

Video technology has been the proven tool to clarify and reduce cases of theft and fraud in the retail industry. Modern IP cameras deliver high-quality images to identify suspects, and state-of-the-art VMS systems provide relevant information to assess situations quickly and efficiently to enable improved decision-making.

But the transition from analog to IP-based technology has also resulted in massive amounts of data and facilitated more processing options, enabling new applications beyond theft and fraud reduction.

Retail companies can use video to generate valuable insights into shopping behaviors or store productivity. The Hexagon retail solution combines video and process data, providing a new level of information including the customized presentation and monitoring of KPIs via dashboards and reports.




is increased by minimizing losses


is optimized by higher surface area productivity


improve availability and fulfillment


is increased because you only see what is really important


facilitates efficient and quick rollouts


supports growth in branch structures

Use cases

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    Prevent and solve

    Theft in retail has recently reached new levels due to an increase in organized retail crime. The willingness to use violence against employees and customers is also increasing. The Hexagon retail solution, especially in combination with video analytics, helps prevent and resolve theft and other crimes.

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    Optimize processes

    Buy online, pick up in store: click and collect solves the problem of high delivery costs for brick and mortar retailers. The Hexagon retail solution is ideal for documenting the complete process – from commissioning to depositing to pick-up. Yet, it is easy to integrate into existing POS and security infrastructure.

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    Productivity and experience

    The Hexagon retail solution can deliver precise information on customer traffic, footfall and dwell times, from assortment to product level, allowing a detailed analysis where unproductive product groups or areas with low conversion rates offer room for new, exciting offers.

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