Comprehensive solution platform to safeguard airport operations

Today’s airports are more like small cities than mere transportation hubs. They are complex environments, made even more so by size, traffic, regulations, security needs and operational considerations.

Because of this, a considerable number of incidents of varying severity happen at a typical airport each and every day. The risk in any incident is directly related to the time it takes to identify, understand, manage and resolve it.

Hexagon solutions for airports take a holistic approach to manage incidents, support operations and workflows and increase security. Installed at many of the world’s largest and busiest airports, they collect and summarize data from a wide variety of specific sensors and systems, such as access control, intrusion alarm or video analytics.

Based on this data, our PSIM and incident management solutions help handle critical incidents in minimum time, guiding operators though workflows and making sure strict industry regulations are observed.



Optimized security

thanks to a holistic approach including video, situational awareness and incident management

Efficient operations

thanks to active operator guidance through the incident resolution process

Significant savings

through reduction of penalties and costs caused by business disruptions

Better communication

based on clearly structured information flows – to those who need it when they need it


with regulations and standards because of standardized workflows and clear documentation

Passenger satisfaction

as a result of an enhanced security level and optimized operations

Use cases

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    Protecting passengers and employees

    Monitor all areas of an airport: perimeters, parking structures, terminals and other passenger facilities, aprons, airfields, shops, restaurants, etc. while remaining in compliance with government, state and local rules and regulations and ensuring passenger comfort.

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    Video analytics for better operations

    Use data from your video surveillance system to help operational staff better understand the routes passengers take, reduce queues and wait times, and improve people flow through airport facilities. Detect incidents such as left objects, reverse movement through checkpoints and cars parking too long outside terminals.

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    Situational awareness

    Respond to situations in a timely manner by tailoring your airport’s common operating picture (COP). Our solution integrates all your security cameras, sensors and devices, communication systems and external data sources, together with your specific operating procedures, into a single unified platform.

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    Baggage handling

    The volume of misdirected or damaged luggage is increasing constantly. Hexagon solutions help you increase customer satisfaction and avert claims by visually tracking the route of a piece of baggage from the check-in to the airplane – searching for specific items becomes easier than ever before.

Hexagon solutions for airports


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