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The number of passengers using public transportation is increasing, especially in densely populated areas and megacities worldwide, and transportation providers are facing serious challenges.

Because of rising global tensions, more regulations have to be met to guarantee passengers‘ security and safety. Additionally, operations are becoming more complex and there is a permanent risk of any small incident turning into major one – with the potential to bring services to a standstill.

Hexagon transportation solutions take a holistic approach by combining incident management technology with advanced video management solutions. Manage operations and emergencies from the control room, safeguard passengers and employees, maintain operations, and protect rolling stock and depots from vandalism and theft.




through advanced alerts and incident management


of incidents through advanced incident management and situational awareness

Significant savings

thanks to a reduction of vandalism and damages


are optimized through intelligent workflow support for operators in the control room

Legacy support

through seamless integration of existing (analog) camera networks

Passenger satisfaction

is increased as a result of enhanced security and optimized operations

Use cases

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    Reduction of damages

    Damages can be fought effectively by using video technology. Especially at depots and stations, there’s a high risk of graffiti and vandalism that can result in enormous costs and disruptions to operating schedules. Hexagon transportation solutions help you avoid these with a tailor-made toolkit.

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    Operational support

    Passengers expect public transportation to be on time – and every incident can cause delays and deviations, resulting in additional costs. Video and incident management solutions from Hexagon support operations and enable quick responses to critical situations.

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    Safety and security

    Video technology makes people feel safer, especially in high traffic areas like public transportation stations and modes of travel, such as trains. Hexagon transportation solutions can help reduce incidences of crime and aid in the quick management of incidents.

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