Video management designed to meet true enterprise requirements

As one of the world's leading physical security solution providers, Hexagon has more than 20 years of experience in developing advanced video management solutions. Qognify VMS is the latest of these development efforts, exceeding the traditional scope of using video technology to provide safety and security by supporting business operations and creating added value.

Qognify VMS is designed to meet the specific needs of enterprise organizations around the globe. It is based on field-proven technology elements, which are used by many customers in thousands of projects worldwide. Thanks to its open architecture, it enables advanced integrations with a wide variety of third-party systems to maximize the outcomes of your physical security ecosystem.

Qognify VMS key benefits

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    Open enterprise architecture

    In organizations that place a premium on physical security, video is typically embedded in an ecosystem of many solutions and technologies.

    Providing a set of open interfaces as well as powerful extension modules, Qognify VMS perfectly fits into your security ecosystem and meets the requirements of enterprise-class organizations.

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    Video and business operations integration

    Video technology can do more than just record and display images – it can actively support your business operations.

    The Qognify VMS product range contains solutions tailored to the specific needs of various industries, making their processes more transparent and helping reduce costs.

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    Low costs of ownership

    The design of a VMS has a significant impact on the total cost of physical security for an organization.

    With best-in-class recording components, Qognify VMS minimizes the hardware footprint. Advanced management and monitoring tools facilitate efficient operations and rollouts, even for thousands of sites.



Mobile Client

The Mobile Client turns a smartphone or tablet into a versatile security tool.


Video analytics

Learn more about our offerings in video analytics for perimeter and building security.

License plate recognition

Discover how to control and secure vehicle traffic with our automatic license plate recognition module.


Turnkey solutions

Ask us about built-to-spec Hexagon server hardware solutions for optimized operation of Qognify VMS.

Export validation tool

Download the export validation tool to validate that a video export from Qognify VMS has not been tampered with.


Supported devices

Qognify VMS supports thousands of devices from a large number of manufacturers.


Hardware calculator

Determine the capacity and sizing of the servers for your Qognify VMS project.



Discover Qognify VMS’s vast library of gateways for third-party software integration.

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A powerful forensic search tool

QogniFinder is a non-proprietary forensic search tool that leverages the capabilities of edge devices and third-party analytics and can be used to quickly locate persons or vehicles of interest. It speeds up investigations significantly by enabling operators to search, retrieve and replay recorded camera footage using search criteria that includes physical attributes such as color (of a vehicle or a piece of clothing) or typical accessories (like persons wearing glasses or hats), etc.

Flexible access to your installations

The Web Client leverages the latest streaming technology and places exceptional live viewing, playback and investigation capabilities in the hands of the people who need remote access to their Hexagon systems. The Web Client can be accessed via Edge or Chrome browser on various operating systems.

Move your video to the cloud

Qognify VMS allows you to store your video recordings in the cloud. Whether you need to expand your storage space quickly or your organization follows a strict “cloud-first” policy, Qognify Cloud is the solution for you.

Product packages


Value VMS solution for small to medium one-site installations. This package is only available in EMEA and APAC.

  • – Up to 50 cameras
  • – One server
  • – Live/archive mode
  • – Mobile Clients
  • – Maps


Scalable VMS solution for medium to large installations with limited integration requirements. This package is only available in the Americas.

  • – Unlimited number of cameras
  • – Unlimited number of clients
  • – Live/archive mode
  • – Mobile Client
  • – Maps


Scalable and flexible VMS solution for medium to large installations with advanced integration requirements.

  • – Unlimited number of cameras and servers
  • – All Basic/Professional features
  • – Third-party or built-in video analytics (optional)
  • – Integration of access control systems (optional)
  • – LPR integration (optional)


Qognify VMS Infinity is a high-end enterprise-class VMS with built-in failover functionality for large installations covering multiple sites.

  • – Unlimited number of cameras and servers
  • – All Advanced features
  • – Recorder failover
  • – Active Directory support
  • – Monitor wall (Display Agent)
  • – Camera sharing
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    Case Study

    Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt

    Securing public transport in Germany’s financial capital

    Frankfurt is Germany’s most important financial center and internationally known. Almost 300 banks have their headquarters there – including the Deutsche Bundesbank and the European Central Bank. As Hessen’s most populous city, Frankfurt wants to offer an attractive environment for people and business. One of the necessary factors to achieve…

  • case-image-placeholder

    Case Study

    Erste Group Bank AG, Vienna, Austria

    Integrated, intelligent solution protects bank headquarters

    Erste Group Bank AG was founded in 1819 as Erste Österreichische Spar Casse (First Austrian Savings Bank) and is headquartered in Vienna. In total, around 46,600 Erste Group employees look after over 15.8 million customers in more than 2,700 branches in seven countries. This makes Erste Group one of the…

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    Case Study

    Europa-Park Rust

    Video solution supports Germany’s largest theme park

    Traveling through Europe in one day — impossible? Not at all — on about 94 hectares, Europa-Park in Rust near Freiburg features more than 100 attractions in 17 European theme areas, six hotels and numerous shows. And the park’s offerings have changed considerably in the past few years. Alongside its…

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    Case Study

    Stadtwerke München, Germany

    Qognify VMS secures public transport in Munich

    “Trust us!” That’s the motto of Munich City Utilities (Stadtwerke München, or SWM), and it’s an important part of its corporate culture. SWM, as the holding company of Munich Transport Company (Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft, or MVG), is also responsible for the safety of 544 million passengers each year. Ensuring that safety…

  • case-image-placeholder

    Case Study

    La Samaritaine

    Video surveillance for iconic Parisian department store

    With its vast retail space in the magasin 2 and magasin 4 buildings, the famous department store La Samaritaine offers a unique shopping experience in the heart of Paris on the right bank of the river Seine facing the Pont Neuf.

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    Case Study

    Boehringer Ingelheim

    Global VMS roll-out project with Qognify VMS

    Boehringer Ingelheim is a global biopharmaceutical company with 180 sites around the world. To effectively support video surveillance needs in those various locations, Boehringer elected to standardize its hardware and software approach in the configuration and rollout of IT systems. Thanks to the ease of deployment, its high scalability and…

  • case-image-placeholder

    Case Study

    Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Austria

    Secure learning and research

    Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) was founded in 1898 by the k. k. Ministerium für Cultus und Unterricht as the “k. k. Exportakademie.” At that time, courses of study included the relatively modern fields of foreign languages, economics, business affairs, economic geography, public law, private law and consumer…


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