Qognify delivers greater video flexibility and availability beyond the control room with Qognify VMS 7.4

PEARL RIVER, N.Y., December 12, 2023 – Qognify, part of Hexagon, a leading provider of video and enterprise incident management solutions, today announced the launch of Qognify VMS 7.4. The latest version of Qognify’s video management software (VMS) gives organizations far greater operational flexibility and video availability, both inside and outside the control room. Features include a new Web Client, industry-first Extended Recording and Access Management, tighter privacy controls, improved recording and video sharing capabilities and upgraded migration tools for customers who use other VMS systems from Qognify.

A standout component of Qognify VMS 7.4 is the new Qognify Web Client. Built from the ground up, it leverages the latest streaming technology and places exceptional live viewing, playback and investigation capabilities in the hands of the people who need it – whether on patrol, off-site or in the control room. Its highly secure, modern user interface can be accessed via standard browsers on various platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS), delivering optimal performance and low latency, to enable faster and more efficient decision-making, incident response and investigations. The Web Client includes many advanced functions of the desktop client (e.g., PTZ control, masking and bookmarking) and will facilitate a synopsis of video and incident management with the upcoming version of Qognify’s incident management software, Situator.

Qognify VMS 7.4 also introduces industry-first Extended Recording and Access Management, giving organizations better control over when video is captured and stored. With it, users can specify recording and storage of footage over consecutive working days, as opposed to calendar days. Developed in close collaboration with customers, it enables organizations to comply with policies or regulations that require them to maintain recordings for a set number of days. Qognify VMS 7.4 also adds the ability to schedule recordings only when motion is detected within a pre-determined field of view at certain times. Both new features optimize resources by reducing unnecessary storage costs, while ensuring quick access to video when required.

Tighter privacy controls within Qognify VMS 7.4 allow users to control which video can be accessed, when and by whom. This is especially beneficial for organizations adhering to workplace privacy regulations of the use of live video surveillance. Video sharing is also enhanced; now, the operator’s name is displayed onscreen during manual PTZ operation. This new watermark feature helps investigators identify who was accessing a camera when switching from automatic to manual operation. It also serves as a deterrent to unauthorized filming and sharing. For permitted sharing, new capabilities have been added to enable pre-planning and governing access to video feeds – for example, during an incident that may involve distressing or confidential material.

To enable organizations to detect different types of critical events much faster, Qognify VMS 7.4 provides advanced video analytics capabilities in addition to the wide portfolio of existing third-party integrations via the Qognify Analytics Interface (QAI). The new AI-based suite of smart video analytics powered by SAIMOS® technology offers a wider range of server-side analytics such as perimeter security, counting, object or fire and smoke detection, as well as face and no-mask detection and gender/age analysis. It can be purchased alongside Qognify VMS 7.4. The forensic search tool QogniFinder, introduced earlier this year, has also seen UI improvements and has added support for additional cameras from Axis and Bosch, enabling cross-platform forensic search in one unified UI.

Finally, as more organizations currently using other VMS solutions from Qognify discover the specific benefits of Qognify VMS 7.4, new upgrade tools are available to simplify and accelerate the migration of large systems with multiple management servers in particular.

“Qognify VMS 7.4 is the finest example of the symbiotic relationship we share with our partners and customers around the world in developing a truly world-class VMS,” said Sunil Mudholkar, global head of product for video and incident management at Qognify.“Our new Web Client responds to the flexibility organizations now need when managing their video operations. And big improvements in our migration tools make it easier than ever for our legacy system customers to move to the most advanced VMS we have ever delivered.”

Qognify VMS 7.4 is now available worldwide.